RMCGF 2019 - Discovering Compkart

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Compkart was announced as chassis supplier for the Mini MAX class in the next Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals that will be placed in Sarno in October.
RMCGF 2019 - Discovering Compkart.

We spoke with Compkart technical responsible Justin Stefani.

«We created our chassis line in 2014 and since its inception we have gained some of the most prestigious titles from America, Europe, Australia and South America.  We have also developed a strong network around the world of partners who share our ambition to provide the highest performing racing chassis merged with great service.  The cadet category is very important as the this is where the youngest drivers first are exposed to the sport and thus it’s important to have a commercial presence and thus provide a very user-friendly and performing product.  Our partner network has received the news about our partnership at the Grand Finals very well and this provides additional motivation to the network and the sport regarding our brand, so the positive effects are already noticed».
«For us to partner directly with BRP-Rotax and have our chassis line in the Grand Finals represents the pinnacle of our sport.  With competitors from nearly seventy (70) countries attending the event it is a great platform to showcase not our complete business model and chassis line to the world of karting.  Although the event is located half-way across the world from our headquarters the logistics an commitment to providing a true COMPAKRT experience to the Mini Max drivers will not be compromised as we are already in the stages of planning for the event.  For instance we will start production of the chassis dedicated to this event in early summer in order to be full prepared for the drivers arrival in Italy in October».
«At the event we will have a full staff providing the spare parts sales and merchandise as well providing the technical insights the young drivers in the Mini Max category.  Our infrastructure will boast all the necessary tools and insights to provide a very special experience for the drivers in Mini Max.  The chassis we will utilize is based off our existing platform which has been proven on the Rotax-MoJo combination around the world so we have extreme confidence in its ability to perform, the drivers at this year’s RMCGF will really enjoy their COMPKART experience».

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