World Championship with one single race ... yes or no?

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Is it more prestigious to win a World Championship in one single race or across more events?
World Title with one single race ... yes or no?

The trend that CIK FIA has taken in recent years has been to reduce the number of races valid for the World Championship to one single event.

That said, the European calendar sees a more substantial presence in the international calendar, so much so that the FIA Karting European Championship has all the flavor of a world championship. At this point it's worth asking: won't this amount to the World Championship losing prestige?

Clearly, winning a World Championship still and always means winning a World Championship, but being run in a single race, the variables are endless and in this way one risks penalizing drivers who may have been fast all year round but were unlucky in the most important week of the season.

The voices across the paddock in this regard contrast: there are those who consider the World Cup as a sort of "final" where it's do or die versus those who, on the contrary, would prefer taking a step back, that is: more races.

And this last option seems to be the one Felipe Massa, CIK FIA President, would like to take, having on several occasions expressed his willingness to have a longer and more broadly distributed world competition across the 5 continents. An F1 with "tiny wheels", to put it briefly.

What do you, our Vroom readers, think? Let us know!

A. Giustini - © photo: M.Puledda

Created by: agiustini - 16/03/19

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