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Everything that has happened in karting since 1989 has been reported as faithfully as possible on these pages. And during these 30 years Vroom has witnessed events that have left their mark, keeping them alive in the history of this motorsport discipline...

A mission that I carry forward with the same impetus of when I started this captivating entrepreneurial adventure: leave an indelible mark on the history of karting. 
Today, like yesterday, Vroom continues to report events carefully, thanks also to the precious contribution of Fabina Gavillucci, the companion of my life who has managed the magazine like no other could, advising me, knowing my sanguine nature, having me avoid on more than one occasions direct clashes with everything that came my way, consequence of what we published every month in the magazine I directed. And then thanks to the iron-cast Maurizio Voltini and Pierluigi Mancini, both very much an added value for this small publisher. Two long-term rebels linked to this motorsport like few others, I assure you. Without them, it would have been more difficult and certainly less interesting. Their manifest ability to know how to communicate the technical aspects and the history of motorsport with great knowledge is unquestioned. Thanks, too, to the precious collaboration of Andrea Saccucci, responsible for data acquisition during the tests on the track and at the test bench produced by our working group.
In its journey Vroom can boast of having, indeed, had many valid collaborators. From Engineer Marco Natoli, author of the Manuale del Kart, the best-selling book in the industry, as well as a columnist for important theory, practice and test features on the track; to the unforgettable Joe Romano, most biting for his detailed and provocative articles. Simone Suardi, a student of Joe and currently in force at the Ferrari racing department. And then again, Massimo Mattiazzo, creator of SOS Kart, one of the most read columns.
Being proactive every month to satisfy karting and enthusiasts is our firm objective, but it is not always possible. And companies with such congested race calendars have difficulty satisfying our requests for collaboration to write or produce those featured on the many products on the market.
Although this problem has roots that go back a few years, Vroom does not want to and cannot lose its technical publishing and editorial prerogative, that’s why we want to reaffirm our identity at all costs, and as soon as possible, produce more exclusive features and articles with the intent to satisfy our aficionados who buy the magazine at the newstand or via subscription, along with those who prefer to read it on their Smartphones.
And it is with satisfaction that I go back to signing the editorial after so many months. This Vroom #213 is one of the special ones, which I could rename Issue Number “0”, like when you want to baptize a still evolving prototype. A new beginning, which presents itself with an offer full of features, but especially be witness of the umpteenth event that may give life to an important journey, as it has happened in the past with other realities.
Inside, we present the Seven 80 cc engine with gears, called L8 Jr that will be mounted on BirelArt, the latter company that has married the idea to launch the Mini category with gears, for drivers from 11 to 14 years.It is right, however, that I narrate the background of what we have published exclusively in this issue and the indispensable test that we will shortly organize, because it is almost unbelievable. 
You have to know that the volcanic Pierluigi Mancini has been harassing me not a bit, and for several months, confiding: “How about organizing a test with an 80 cc engine for the Minikart? Come on, so let’s get a bit of attention, since nobody does anything to bring the kids back to the kart.” Of course, I could not but agree. And at the end, by chance, after several attempts, and after having knocked on several engine manufacturers (especially motorcycle companies) to fulfill this ... provocation... on our own, with the intention of arousing the interest of the youngest and, at the same time, of the sector, for too long little reactive to the needs of the majority of fans, we by chance came across the Seven of Oscar and Andrea Benedetti. And from then on we learned about the project that is about to take off.
Another category in an industry so inflated? Yes, it is legitimate to be concerned or perplexed, but at the same time a Mini KZ could represent a turning point. Moreover, for the occasion, a steering wheel with a paddle gearshift was designed to not fatigue the driver, but also to encourage young people who find delight in Playstations. We like the idea and not just because we had it in store. The next step is to try it on the track involving a platoon of teenagers and see how they go and what they think. We will update you via the web platform www.vroomkart.com and our social channels.
After the fortunate idea of ​​promoting the “Original Karting” engine in collaboration with the builders and Kees Van de Grint, the former vice president of Cik, which we fully share because we immediately knew the goodness of the project, we feel strongly motivated and responsible in proposing those solutions born thanks to the dialogue that this newspaper, spokesman of the ground-level movement, has always felt and perceived.
Fabio Marangon, always close to Vroom and, of late, especially active in producing important “specials” (the article on helmets of last month is his work), proposed he tell the youngsters about the history of the manufacturers or builders that allowed for the birth and the spread at the global level of this motorsport discipline, people who actively participated with significant investments in and towards the evolution of karting to reach levels of excellence. First garages or workshops, today small industries. The industrial sector of karting today represents the image of the Made in Italy product. Fabio has decided to start the feature Legend beginning with Birel which this year celebrates its 60th anniversary since its founding.
The industry has made giant strides, but Vroom has not lost sight of the artisan or craft workshops that have always had a link with karting, always publishing reports that, above all, concern the restoration of karts in of the 60s and 70s. An increasingly expanding reality that has convinced me to give it greater prominence as it fully responds to a genuine passion that, for now, produces wonderful specimens without speculative purposes, indeed more often than a costly endeavour for the passionate restorer. The Legendary Kart and everything that happens in the States regarding the Vintage reported on Vroom we owe, first of all, to Frank Weir, author of exceptional reporting, and also thanks to Frank, Vroom will be witness to the birth of karting for the benefit of future generations. 
Also in this issue, Maurizio Voltini, particularly attracted by vintage, has undertaken to illustrate a close-up on a model that is part of the story. He rushed to Vicenza to visit the kart workshop of Stefano Dovigo and Davide Gallo, makers of the restoration of the MMM, an acronym for Meccanica Moderna Milano, a clone of the 1961 Italkart. Not to be missed.
A special thanks to Glenn Davidson among the staff of Vroom, the most kart-obsessed person I have ever known. A phenomenon recognized by the entire industry for the fidelity of his work. No one better than him brings the karts of the 90s back to life. I am proud to have him on our team. The same goes for Paul Dorin, also an Australian, another element that I cannot do without. His work is equally significant. With his so representative cartoons he contributes to writing the lived history of this motorsport discipline.
I would like to continue telling you how this issue number #213 came to life, but unfortunately space won’t allow it. Know that Vroom fuels itself with the knowledge of some surprising realities, and fortunately the karting hides many; our mission is to find them and bring them to light. Amen
Giuliano Ciucci Giuliano


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