Scoop: A 60 Mini engine with gearbox!

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The new Seven L8 Jr is an 80 cc engine with gearbox and promises very high performance.

Birel Art, in collaboration with Motori Seven, is launching a new category for children aged between 11 and 14 years. The innovation of this category is that the engine is not the classic single-speed, but an 80 cc with 6-speed gearbox capable of delivering 25 hp. Thanks to the gearbox, operated by mechanical paddles behind the steering wheel, the very young will be able to train and be perfectly at ease.

For further details, don't miss this month's issue on the newsstands, where you can discover all the secrets of this engine combined with the Birel Art frame that faithfully reproduces a KZ!

Also, a test will soon be organized on the track where young people who are interested will get a chance to try it for themselve.

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Stay tuned!
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