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As already mentioned other times, the importance of all social networks to date is now undoubted. All those who surf, stay informed, discover and rediscover thanks to social networks.

Starting from a solid social base like the one that over time and not without effort we created, here is the idea of giving voice to you readers and users of the web.

Have you ever thought of asking a few questions to your idols or maybe leading figures from past, present and future karting?

The time has come to give you this possibility in the following way: on our main accounts (Facebook and Instagram) we will open a channel of communication with you giving you the opportunity to interview in a true fashion leading figures of karting.

The questions will have no limits or boundaries, provided that you do not go off topic; the best will be chosen by us and then published in our magazine with previews before official publication.

The first figure of this project will be the multi-titled and today's DR Racing Team Manager, Danilo Rossi!

Twenty-four hours to Instagram, forty-eight for Facebook … Gentlemen – and Ladies - start your questions!

Simone Corradengo
Trd. Luigi Monteferrante
Credits: Davide Pastanella - WafeProject


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