Engine warm up: Houston we have a problem!

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There is silence in the paddocks, as engines can no longer be warmed up - sort of.

The "good news" of the Winter Cup is that engines can no longer be warmed up. Yes, but good for who?

According to rule 2.14 under "General Safety" of CIK FIA regulations the starting or heating of engines in the paddock and in reserved areas is strictly prohibited under penalty of a fine of € 250 and even disqualification, if repeated.

A rule in itself that is very clear, but hides not a few questions.

Let's take the Winter Cup as an example; it has three "international" and "national" classes: OK, OKJ and KZ2 cannot warm up or heat their engines, while Mini Rok can. The noise pollution - albeit minor - is still present, the same as regards the emission of oils and gases.

So, given that in non-international competitions or in any case "semi-international" trophies like the Winter Cup the - presumed - problem is not eliminated, we'd like to repeat the question: what's the "good" news, and for whom?


Stay tuned!
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