Lorenzo Travisanutto - «I have no doubts, we will be competitive»

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Back from the first round of the WSK, Lorenzo Travisanutto sums up his Champions Cup with his eyes turned towards the next appointments.
Lorenzo Travisanutto - «I have no doubts, we will be competitive»

The current OK World Champion certainly didn't do a bad job in the first round of the WSK season. The weekend's expected frontrunnerof, not only for his passage to HTP Racing, Travisanutto completed a weekend with frequent highs and lows, closed with a splendid comeback into the top ten.

An atypical weekend, according to the same Travisanutto, which gave way to the possible battles of 2019 with the great unknown Gabriele Minì, already on a flying debut. The world champion then turned the spotlight on the other hot names that will animate the season, including the eternal rival of 2018, Hannes Janker, who is about to return.

Below, Lorenzo Travisanutto's words.

«It was a cold weekend ... a lot, too cold. Let's say that they're temperatures and conditions that make no sense. We found ourselves running with -2 degrees of asphalt, a condition in itself. Unfortunately, the race was conditioned by a contact in the second heat when I was in second position; from there it was difficult to recover. Then I was involved in other contacts in the center of the group. In the final I gained fairly well and I could have done even better ... but it's right that the team wants to do some testing for the season and the next races.In the team I feel good. We are still small but we want to do well and grow. The material will in the end be the KR / IAME that has done good by me lately. I have no doubt that we will be competitive. I think that to see the true values in the field we should expect more "normal" tracks and conditions. I believe that we KR will be competitive, as Minì will probably also be. We will also have to see Nielsen and Hiltbrand, while waiting for Janker's "return"».

So the word goes to the season that's just begun to better decipher the new scenarios of 2019.

Simone Corradengo
Trd. Luigi Montefferante
Credits: Mario Puledda

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