Special – What helmet do I wear?

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Technological evolution has transformed the world of technical clothing in a few decades, so much so that in dealing with the basic requirements in terms of safety, the research and development carried out by companies has proposed increasingly aerodynamic models for each sport.
Special – What helmet do I wear?

In the case of helmets, for example, the popularity of protective devices designed for specific sports has become consolidated, so it is normal to see the difference between a ski helmet and a skateboard or cycling helmet and so on. Our scope, in this sense, constitutes a point of contact between apparently similar sports and as may often happen in motorsport, it may not be easy to grasp the differences. Text F.Marangon

Until a few years ago it was in fact common on circuits all over the world and even within the titled Championships to see drivers on the track wearing “motorbike” helmets, considered by many to be suitable for karting use, especially as there was no products dedicated to karting by the companies in the sector. For several years now, also due to increasingly restrictive regulations, manufacturers have been catering to an increasingly significant number of users; as a result, specific helmets for karting have progressively begun to appear in this niche market. Manufacturers started from models clearly inspired by car racing, so much so that the same caps were used initially, and then slowly adapted to the characteristics of our sport (wider field of vision, elimination of aerodynamic appendages, weight).

When you wear a helmet designed for car racing you are guaranteed a top product in both technology and research: between a helmet for a professional Formula driver and one made specific for karting the differences are few...

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