A 100% female Birel ART team with Richard Mille

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A few days after the selection organised at Le Mans in single-seaters, the Richard Mille Young Talent Academy unveiled another of its objectives, this time in karting at Lonato.
A 100% female Birel ART team with Richard Mille.

In a similar procedure, six girls aged from 13 to 17 were assessed to form a two-driver women’s team for the 2019 international season. Brazilian Julia Yaoub was chosen to wear Richard Mille’s colours in Junior and the Spanish driver Maya Weug was selected in OK.

The detection and support of young talent initiative undertaken by the Richard Young Talent Academy continues for female drivers in karting in close collaboration with Birel ART. Six young women were selected to participate in this first edition of the Richard Mille Young Talent Academy, dedicated to women’s karting.

The operation took place in Italy, on 17th and 18th December 2018. Lola Lovinfosse (FRA), Julia Ayoub (BRA) and Mariana Machado (PRT) took part in OK-Junior, and Maja Hallen Fel- lenius (SWE), Maya Weug (ESP) and Mathilda Olson (SWE) were in the top karting class of OK.

The end of the morning included two sessions on new tyres to observe their implementation and their pure performance. To complete this active selection pha- se, two other sessions were scheduled in the after- noon, the last of which was again on new tyres.

Composed of Ronni Sala (Birel ART), Davide Foré (Birel ART), Debbie Gourdon (Richard Mille), Amanda Mille (Richard Mille) and Morgan Caron (All Road Management), the jury then met to take stock of the speed and the consistency of the contenders behind the wheel, also taking into account their general attitude and ability to communicate.

At the end of the deliberations, Maya Weug was cho- sen in OK, thanks to her mastery and experience of international competition. Fast and dynamic, Julia Ayoub (BRA) was selected in Junior. They will have the chance to participate in a complete international season in 2019 under the colours of Richard Mille within the Birel ART Racing Team.

Press Release by: Birel ART - 22/12/18

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