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The 2019 Kosmic chassis Mercury R, Lynx R and Rookie EV have been officially presented.
2019 Kosmic kart chassis.

They have new graphics and some innovations concerning the components, new solutions developed in synergy by the Kosmic Kart Racing Depratment and by OTK Kart Group R&D Department.

Mercury R and Lynx R

- Steering wheel provided with high grip rubber, it grants more precision and comfort during the driving
- Standard inclined steering wheel hub
- Integarted floor plate granting a better aerodynamics
- M7 aerodynamic Nassau panel
- Brand new graphic design bodyworks, floor plate and fuel tank stickers

Rookie EV

- New bare frame geometry
- BSM4 one-piece master cylinder with brake pads self adjusting system and self ventilated disc 160x10mm
- Mshl stub axles
- Flat bottom seat available in two sizes
- New graphic for bodyworks


The new 2019 Kosmic chassis have been presented on the occasion of the 2018 World Championships, proving their great value.
The Mercury won the World Title both in the KZ class and in the direct drive OKJ

These prestigious results enrich the palmares of the top model of the Kosmic chassis range: three Asia Pacific, one KF3 World Cup and four World Championships, included the 2018 titles.
Mercury R and Lynx R are both available in the direct drive version and in the shifter version. Bare frame geometry is unchanged, main innovations concern the components.

The only difference between the two models is the diameter of the tubes: Ø 30 mm for Mercury R and Ø 32 mm for Lynx R.
More changes have been brought to the Rookie, characterized by a new frame and a re-designed brake system.


OTK Kart Group R&D Department focused its attention especially on the aerodynamic aspect.
Thanks to computer CFD simulations it has been developed the new M7 nassau panel, provided with Mercury R and Lynx R. Its shape is characterized by a unique and revolutionary design, perfectly integrated with M6 bodyworks.
Another great change is the integrated floor plate, a special type of floor plate whose configuration completely seals the frame frontal area, considerably improving the aerodynamic output.


The steering wheel stands out among the renewed accessories, it is provided with a special high grip rubber. This special material grants a better comfort and precision during the driving. Together with the steering wheel, it is provided the new inclined steering wheel hub, which allows drivers to adapt their driving position perfectly to their needs


The Mercury is the “symbol” of the Kosmic chassis range, even if it is similar to Lynx except for the diameters of the tubes. Besides all the technical characteristics of the OK, on the KZ there is also an optimized bare frame design and the BSS brake system, equipped with self adjusting  front brake system with one-piece front calipers with 4 pistons 22 mm Ø.


The chassis for the Mini class is completely new, with characteristics similar to the top models of Kosmic Range.

The bare frame has new geometry, keeping unchanged the wheel base of 950mm and the tubes diameter of 28mm.

The Rookie EV is also characterized by a new design profile, with 2019 graphics similar to the Mercury R

The OTK Kart Group R&D Department carried out a great job on the brake system, called BSM4, it has been completely re-designed.
Its main features are: Ergal caliper equipped with 4 pistons, self ventilated brake disc and one-piece brake pump in Ergal.

Press Release by: Kosmic - 22/12/18

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