CIK FIA 2019, rules and calendar

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Hosted by FIA President Jean Todt and FIA Deputy President for Sport, Graham Stoker, the World Motor Sport Council gathered today in Saint Petersburg during the 2018 FIA Annual General Assembly for its final meeting of the year.
CIK FIA 2019, rules and calendar

The CIK FIA competitions and the new 2019 regulations are now official!

CIK FIA 2019 calendar:

European Championship OK/OKJ
18-21 April Angerville France
16-19 May Genk Belgium
30 May - 02 June Kristianstad Sweden
18-21 July Le Mans France

European Championship KZ/KZ2
02-05 May Wackersdorf Germany
13-16 June Sarno Italy

World Championship OK/OKJ
5-8 September Alahärmä Finland

World Championship KZ/International Super Cup KZ2
19-22 September Lonato Italy

FIA Academy Trophy
02-05 May Wackersdorf Germany
13-16 June Sarno Italy
19-22 September Lonato Italy

Endurance Championship
26-29 September Le Mans France

Article Q of General Prescriptions 2.14 General Safety has been modified. With effect from 1 January 2019, the starting up, running in, warming up or testing of kart engines in the paddock and the reserved areas is strictly prohibited. Offenders will be fined at least €250 and may be disqualified in cases of repeated breach.
The free test sessions on Wednesday and Thursday at FIA Karting competitions will be discontinued from 1 January 2020.
The time penalty sanction for a front fairing in the wrong position during FIA Karting Championships, Cups and Trophies will be five seconds instead of 10 seconds, effective 1 January 2019.

Mini Class
The homologation of the Mini Class, chassis, engines and tyres will also involve the ignition, the inlet silencer and the float-chamber carburettor at the same time. The homologation process will take place in 2019 for implementation on 1 January 2020.

Credits: FIA

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