Logbook, Day 5 - The last adjustments before the qualifications

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The Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals like you've never seen them before thanks to the Vroom Logbook LIVE from the International Circuit of Paladino, Conde, Brazil.

Circuito de Paladino, Conde - 27 November 2018

If yesterday was an uncertain day as to weather, today's was no less certain. On the contrary, the rainfall was sufficient to influence most of the scheduled runs.

The result: nobody managed to get a real idea on the set up to be used especially on a completely dry track. In situations of this kind, in fact, the feeling changes lap after lap, going from a situation of precarious grip to a moment when the kart starts to "grip too much."

Such conditions, moreover, are to the detriment of those who have yet to find a good set-up. These, in fact, will have only another round of tests before qualifying and therefore will have to risk more than others. Risks that do not always pay off ...

In short, these Grand Finals are becoming more and more a lottery and tomorrow we will discover who will have caught the lucky number in qualifying.

From Brazil,

A. Giustini


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