Michael Schumacher, «karting at the base of everything»

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Almost five years after his tragic accident on the snows of France, the last interview released by Michael Schumacher appears, amplified by his official website.

Over the years, giving useful information about the German Champion has gradually become difficult and a matter of delicacy thanks to the absolute confidentiality on the conditions of Schumacher and the sacrosanct right to privacy. However, thanks to the official channels of the 7 times F1 World Champion, the memory and, above all, the continuous hope remains alive for all his fans, lovers of sport and motorsport.

Here then resurfaces an interview released by Schumacher dated 2013, the last before the event of Meribel. Words on the status of the F1 of that – and other - years, respect for eternal rival Mika Hakkinen, memories of Ayrton Senna, Vincenzo Sospiri and Ross Brawn, and onwards all the way to karting.

A set presence in the paddock, the KSM Racing Team, now RS Ralf Schumacher, has brought and continues to carry the Schumacher surname in the most important karting paddocks. We remember too the eternal passion always manifested by Michael, present in the 2001 edition of the World Championship staged on their home track in Kerpen. An important event in the history of karting competitions, the one most followed worldwide thanks to the broadcasts of the largest television networks.

It is interesting to re-read Schumacher's words and to understand even better how much, even after 7 F1 World Championships, the discipline of karting remains the foundation of motorsport.

Here are the words of Michael Schumacher.

You have always said that karting is the best start and training for all subsequent classes. Why?
«Karting is a good preparation for the future of all motorsport. It gives you a lot of tips and skills to develop. The wheel-to-wheel combat is one of the great lessons you can obtain from karting».

Is it possible to achieve success with talent alone?
«Talent is important in all sports, but it's not everything. You really need to develop different skills and learn them. Karting is a good foundation for demonstrating your talent and for understanding what you need to be a racing driver».

As often happened during the German driver's career, Schumacher leaves one of the many teachings of motorsport to apply to everyday life.

«I think that having doubts is very important for not having too much confidence. It is also useful to be skeptical and look for improvements in order to take the next step. I always thought I was not so good and that I had to work harder to be better: this is one of the things that made me become what I've become».

Important words that rekindle once more the hope of all those who have made him a real example to follow. In the hope and waiting to see him again in strength, we join the hashtag that now accompanies the Champion in the most important race of all: #keepfightingmichael

Simone Corradengo
Credits: Vroom Archive Karting Magazine (2001)
Trd. Luigi Monteferrante

Created by: scorradengo - 22/11/18

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