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27 of the main international distributors of Birel ART met for two days at the heart of the Italian company in Lissone for their now traditional annual meeting. A unique opportunity for meetings and exchanges, this seminar confirms the privileged place of Birel ART in 21st century karting. The main thrusts of the strategy concerning racing, as well as in rental, a sector of the future in full development, were at the heart of the debates.

A venue for both talking and listening, this meeting allowed Birel ART to answer many questions on the future of the company while proposing new ideas to answer the problems of tomorrow's karting, through the establishment of new tools for communication and information sharing.
Ronni Sala, President of Birel ART:
"The second edition of our annual meeting with the distributors allowed us to securely deepen the work initiated jointly last year. This is an essential moment to accompany the recent progress at Birel ART. The fact that the company listens to its network increases mutual trust and effectiveness. Our vision of the future of the group is therefore better shared on the ground thanks to an open and fruitful relationship. I would like to thank all our distributors for the work they do on a daily basis in their countries and I assure them of our support in their mission. By continuing to work closely together that we can succeed."
Charged with hosting the debates, Antoine Masson, the new head of the Rental department, has developed the importance of strong two-way partnership links between the parent company and its network, relying notably on new communication technologies. Important points to be improved on both sides were the subject of particular attention, while the level of performance of Birel ART products was unanimously appreciated. Finally, the current dynamism of the company, which manifests itself through its strategy and its investments, has already caused a positive echo and provided an additional source of motivation for distributors.
Nicolas Todt, founder of All Road Management and reference shareholder of Birel ART:
"Birel ART is in a positive spiral on many levels and our network is well aware of this. The dynamism of the company reflects on that of its resellers. Beyond the results of the past year, our eyes have turned to the future by evoking the means that we all have in common to continue our progress. The products from the factory are higher and higher quality. Our sporting performances have also progressed and all we need is to achieve results and titles at the height of our competitiveness to provide indisputable proof. This will be one of the main focuses of our strategy in 2019. From this perspective, the creation of a real bridge between karting and single-seaters that we set up with the Richard Mille Young Talent Academy in December, is an undeniable asset for Birel ART.
“The rental sector of Birel ART has strong attributes to extend its reach thanks to the development of our network in this area by relying on the racing DNA of the brand. To say that electric energy represents the future is not a revelation, but it is a future that is fast approaching for karting. Moreover, the Birel ART electric kart generates excellent returns, for example after our performance in Argentina at the Youth Olympic Games. Moreover Birel ART has an excellent partner for electric power with America’s Zero Motorcycles."
Representative of Birel Pacific, Tada Sasaki extols the merits of the Rental range:
"Birel ART has an excellent Rental range directly benefiting from its expertise in Competition. The design of the frames, the welds, and the finishes are of a rare quality. The very light weight of its leisure karts offers great driving pleasure perceptible by all and causes serious operating savings, mainly with regard to fuel and tyres."
To close these two very productive days, several trophies have rewarded the best distributors of the year.
Best World Dealer: PSL Karting - Dominic Labrecque (CAN / USA)
Best European Dealer: MGT - Patrice Mich (FRA)
Best Performer: KIRO Karting - Nuno Inácio (PRT)
Let's leave the final word to Canadian Dominic Labrecque, President of PSL Karting, partner of Birel ART on the North American continent.
"I was already delighted to come to this meeting last year. This year has fulfilled my expectations. We have confirmation to form a team with the distributors and the factory. The comments are very positive. Birel ART is really listening. This is a very constructive meeting for the brand, both for the factory and for the resellers. We work together very well. For the last four years, the progress of Birel ART has been simply incredible."

Press Release by: Birel ART - 12/11/18

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