Tech bulletin: 2018 ROK the RIO Shifter Weight Change

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With the best interest in mind for their competitors, ROK Cup Promotions has announced a weight change for their shifter divisions.

Effective immediately and in place for the ROK the RIO event over the October 31st to November 3rd weekend, the Shifter ROK and Shifter ROK Masters weights will be set at 395lbs and 410lbs respectively. These weight updates will be published in the event supplemental regulations.

“We understand that this is a last minute change, but with the many requests we have received to align ourselves with the international weight, and with 95% of shifter registrants in favor of the weight change, we decide to make it now,” explained Garrett Potter. “We conducted a short email survey to come up with the results and as an organization, proceeded with the weight change.”

While the weight changes will be added to the supplemental regulations, all teams and drivers are encouraged to check the official notice board trackside at the event.


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