The investigation: All about the carburetor in the Mini

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In Issue number 208 of Vroom International we unveiled all the backstory of the 60 Mini carburetors.
The investigation: All about the carburetor in the Mini

The arrival of the carburetor should have leveled the performance of the Minikart 60, but it has complicated the lives of the tuners/team mechanics and impeded drivers from refining their sensitivity in the set-up, the result being they are unprepared in the jump to the OK Junior category. The biggest problem is in the fact that the cure was more harmful than the disease.

The problem of calibration, then, is under the eyes of all: jets that do not correspond to the indicated number, atomizers that ovalize and pins that are consumed, tuners who trust their ear more than what they read on the calibration elements. And then ... the carburetor experts: the new figure that rents at stellar prices carburetors with special calibrations and that, in fact, decide a priori who must go fast and who does not.

We asked Gabriele Gnani for a technical opinion on the inconsistency of the calibration elements, asking how things really are, and we ask you all a question: would it not be the case to go back to the membrane carburetors immediately?

Have we saved money? No!

Has the performance been leveled? No!

Do you need less work for tuning? No!

Do children learn to do carburetion in view of the transition to OK Junior? No!

So what are we waiting for?

Read the full article here and tell us what you think.

Created by: agiustini - 11/10/18

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