CIK World Championship - Finals: Sweden crowns Travisanutto (OK) and Bernier (OKJ)

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Lorenzo Travisanutto (OK) and Victor Bernier (OKJ) in Kristianstad are the CIK FIA World Championships for direct drive classes.
Lorenzo Travisanutto (OK) and Victor Bernier (OKJ) in Kristianstad are the CIK FIA World Championships for direct drive classes.

At the Åsum Ring of Kristianstad, after a Saturday characterized by variable weather conditions, which mixed the cards on the table, the Finals were played on a dry track even though the rain threatened with its cloudy sky.

OK - Travisanutto takes World Championship
At the start Travisanutto held off David Vidales, who had to queue up behind him. The Spaniard soon found himself having to deal with a competitive Hannes Janker who eventually passed him, taking 2nd, while Luigi Coluccio took third soon after. With each lap, Vidales's dropped back to close the race in P8.

The fight between Travisanutto and Janker, a sort of "cold war" at the start of the race, came to life during the 9th lap when the German driver passed the driver from Spilimbergo to take the lead. Travisanutto at that point checked his pace, controlled tire wear until the 23rd of the 25 laps when he took back what belonged to him throughout the weekend: the leadership. A pyrotechnic display was the setting for his passage under the checkered, accompanied on the podium by Janker, who then announced the withdrawal from karting, and Coluccio. The 4th place went to Dexter Patterson followed by home driver Noah Milell and Callum Bradshaw. The top 10 included Karol Basz, Vidales, Olin Galli Vieira and Tjimen Van der Helm.

OKJ - Bernier wins by surprise, Minì and Bortoleto on the podium

On the Kristianstad kart track, the CIK FIA season officially closes. After the last heats of the morning, a fiery finale. At the start, Taylor Barnard heads the group, thanks to the excellent heats on Saturday and Sunday. Finale almost scripted, given the overwhelming KR in the Junior. All out fight in the top five, starting from Dino Beganovic, immediately dangerous on Askey. Behind the first three positions, Victor Bernier started his triumphant drive, pass after pass from the third lap onwards. The Frenchman recovered ground, with an excellent pace, until the winning maneuver against Beganovic during the sixth lap. In the next lap, the "attack to power" practically pre-announced, the Frenchman tries to surprise Barnard at the last corner but mistakes the exit. Second attempt, this time effective, in the central sector where he overtakes Barnard and flies to glory. With the first position now locked in, a focus on the fight for the podium between Bortoleto and Minì. Both veterans from the rush through the ranks, overtake the Italian, again in the second sector.
Victor Bernier passes the finish line in first position to become the new OKJ World Champion. Second success in two years for the VDK team, who also won in 2016 with Victor Martins.Completing the podium are Gabriele Minì and Gabriel Bortoleto, followed by Barnard and Smal. Sixth and seventh place to Marcus Amand and Dino Beganovic, the first ten ending with Paul Aron, Suleiman Zanfari and Kai Askey.

From Kristianstad, Simone Corradengo and Andrea Giustini
Credits: Vroom Karting Magazine


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