Ladies race for a good cause in Lithgow

Almost 100 girls and ladies converged on the Lithgow Karting Circuit in Central Western New South Wales to compete at the second annual All Female Race meeting yesterday.

Almost 100 girls and ladies converged on the Lithgow Karting Circuit in Central Western New South Wales to compete at the second annual All Female Race meeting yesterday.

Unlike any other racing event held throughout the Australia, and quite possibly the world, there wasn’t a male seen suiting up to get behind the wheel. The pit paddock was a sea of pink with the female competitors proudly wearing pink race suits, pink helmets, pink shirts while some also competed aboard specially designed pink go-karts. A number of male pit crew members were also seen proudly displaying pink garments to help the cause.

While rasing money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation was the major cause for yesterday’s event, it had even more of a special meaning for Anne Nicholson, who resides in the Sydney suburb of Cranebrook. During 2005 Nicholson’s mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer and unfortunately passed away three weeks ago.

As if the emotion of just competing wasn’t enough for Nicholson, she went on to claim a moving victory in the Canteen Cup – a category designed for the non-regular competitors.

“We found out that my mother in law was diagnosed with breast cancer just before last year’s event. This persuaded me to get behind the wheel of a go-kart for the first time,” said Nicholson.

“After getting the ‘bug’ last year I had always intended to compete in this year’s race but when she recently passed away it highlighted how much the event, and raising money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, meant to me.

“The event has a very special meaning for myself and everyone in my family, it has been a great day and to know we are all doing it to raise money for a great cause makes it even more enjoyable – not to mention winning!

“I look forward to being a part of this event as it grows bigger and better for many years to come.”

Also attending the day was the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s Sue Cameron to compete in the Celebrity/Media Race that was won by Motorsport scribe Fillipa Guarna.

Guarna, who is a regular contributor to ACP Magazines, crossed the line first ahead of Anna Canto, mother of dual Fujitsu V8 Supercar Series Champion Dean Canto, and AKA NSW State Secretary Karen Newton.

“This is a fantastic day for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, it is great to see so many girls and ladies out here to compete in what is generally a male dominated sport,” said Cameron.

“The Foundation relies on events like this and the generosity of the community to continue its research into breast cancer. I’d like to sincerely thank event organisers Ron Harradine and Russell Grimson along with the entire karting community for their support of our cause.”

There was eight competitive classes contested throughout the day – ranging from the Midgets at seven to ten years of age through to the Over 35’s – with the top driver of the meeting being awarded the inaugural Nicole Franks Memorial Trophy.

Franks was tragically killed in an incident during the Wollongong street meeting in 2002. Castle Hill driver Emma Brown, who won the Ladies J class was the first driver to have her name engraved on the NF perpetual trophy.

It is understood the official world record for the number of females to compete in the one motorsport event is a total of 62 drivers. With this in mind, the Combined Districts Kart Club, has already started planning for 2009 where it will be seeking to register next year’s All Female Race Day with the Guinness Book of Records to officially rewrite the record books.

While a final figure of the amount raised from the event will be established over the coming weeks it is understood already this event has raised over $10,000 towards research for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Second Annual All Ladies Race Day

Canteen Ladies Cup
1 (8) Anne Nicholson
2 (57) Karen Morse
3 (4) Allyson Sunderland
4 (61) Tracey Waters
5 (19) Kylie Cavanagh
6 (14) Karlene Coleman
7 (2) Connie Parsons
8 (33) Nicole Gamauf
9 (35) Tracy Giuntini
10 (15) Kim Tate
11 (46) Alison Kapp
12 (27) Pamela Tate
13 (63) Kathy Cavanagh
14 (9) Dale Roffey
15 (17) Marianne Wood
16 (94) Leanne Dunk
17 (20) Roberta Zammit
18 (1) Lauren Middleton
19 (29) Jenny Tayler

Ladies Nat Over 35
1 (27) *Cheryl Lee
2 (59) Jenny Stein
3 (35) *Toni Backhouse
4 (36) *Debbie Hearn
5 (6) Renata Moores

Ladies "J"
1 (98) Emma Brown
2 (96) *Jane Stones
3 (68) Melinda Boys
4 (25) *Amanda Abbott
5 (29) *Loren Bennett
6 (89) *Deanne Brett
7 (18) Katie Thatcher

Ladies Clubsport
1 (61) Amy Waters
2 (99) Abbey Kellie
3 (3) Madilyn Parke
4 (83) *Kirsty Sheil
5 (88) Bec Brown
6 (35) *Toni Backhouse
7 (2) Val Meredith

Ladies Jun Nat
1 (4) Shae Pluis
2 (93) Sheridan Cavanagh
3 (18) Michelle Attard
4 (23) Katilyn Hawkins
5 (132) Jemma Middleton
6 (27) Bronwyn Taylor
7 (36) Angela Hearn
8 (76) Stephanie Sandrone
9 (33) Catherine DiCamillo
10 (92) Amanda DiCammillo
11 (78) Kimberley Saller

Ladies Midgets
1 (12) Miranda Plumb
2 (7) *Stephanie Stones
3 (88) *Shannon Furbank
4 (18) Chloe Felton
5 (76) Alexandra Best

Ladies Rookies
1 (52) Isabella Thomas
2 (20) Caitlin Wood
3 (45) Torey Blanch
4 (46) Alexandra Lawrence
5 (23) Georgia Young

Ladies TAG
1 (86) Bec Brown
2 (55) Melinda Boys
3 (48) Jennifer Sadler

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