Kremers explains: «From the telemetry I braked over a meter before!»

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The versions of Kremers and Puhakka on the Genk crash.
Kremers explains: «From the telemetry I braked over a meter before!».

Marijn Kremers clarified the incident that involved him together with Simo Puhakka during the first lap of the CIK FIA KZ World Championship in Genk.

Having started in P2, the Birel ART driver was surprised by Puhakka, who quickly moved behind the frontrunner Patrik Hájek. At the last corner of the first lap, Kremers approached on the inside of the hairpin leading to the finish line, but ended up against the Finn's Tony Kart. The incident was inevitable.

The two fell to the bottom of the group and finished the race of the KZ CIK FIA World Championship in 17th position, Puhakka, and 20th, Kremers; he was also penalized for a detached spoiler.

This is Kremers' comment at the end of the race. «There was a lot of confusion on the first lap. Simo touched me more than once and then he passed me at the curve that led to the straight opposite the start. At the last corner, I tried to overtake again approaching on the inside, but we touched. From the TV, it may look like I delayed braking, but in truth I braked a meter and a half earlier than my braking point. It's a pity that it went like this».

Puhakka on the incident: "I did my trajectory, I honestly do not know what happened; whether he arrived late or was touched from behind. For sure, he made a mistake, considering that it was the first lap».

To see the gallery of the incident and the full video of the race, scroll the page.

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