Season Review for Nicklas Nielsen

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Nickals Nielsen talks to Vroom about the joys and sorrows of the first part of his 2018.
Season Review for Nicklas Nielsen.

After the Kart Grand Prix of Germany, third act of the European OK, we had a chat with KSM Schumacher's top driver Nicklas Nielsen.

After being very incisive at the beginning of the year, the Dane suffered several setbacks in the European Championship where, in one race from the end, he is in 15th place overall. In the last appearance in Germany, in spite of the 17th final place, he put on a great performance during the race, gaining 15 positions from his starting position.

The first part of the season can be said to be over; what are your impressions?

«We have shown great potential since the very first races. We always went on the podium and even a victory arrived in Sarno in the Super Master Series. With the start of the European Championship, things got a bit complicated, in the sense that we had to deal with some unfortunate episode too, but speed has never been lacking.»

Regarding the European Championship, it is clear that the 15th position in the absolute ranking does not reflect the early competition predictions. Can you tell us what happened?

«It was a mix of events. In the first round, obviously I had trouble adapting to the tires and I had a lot of difficulty in qualifying, but at the PFI I was back to expressing myself at my best. At Ampfing, on the other hand, we were unlucky; a technical problem and an accident in the heats relegated me to the back of the grid, but I regained well. At Essay, I hope for a smooth race, so I can give some satisfaction to myself and the team.»

Ampfing turned out to be a very selective track; to get ahead you had to know how to mediate between pure speed and tire management. Has this challenge stimulated you?

«Yes a lot. As you said, I find races like this stimulating where there are more factors that make the difference. With a more balanced series of heats maybe the result would have been different, given that Ampfing is a circuit that does not facilitate overtaking, but I enjoyed it.»

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