Drivers attack, Bridgestone responds!

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There was a moment during the first round of the European OK and OKJ in which the tension in the paddock had skyrocketed due to a controversy (or thus presumed) between competitors and tire specialists.

Subject of the dispute: the performance gap between some tire sets and others and the difference of the tire codes, which made several competitors suspicious. However, no concrete action followed the accusations and tempers cooled. After consulting drivers, Vroom wanted to hear the other side: the tire producers, via Annemiek Bonenkamp, of Bridgestone Motorsport

"We are used to certain criticisms," commented Bonenkamp. "And here I mean Karting as in Formula 1; the tires are always a good scapegoat. For our part, if suspicions were founded and supported by valid evidence, they should feel free to demonstrate what he or she claims. Before firing off accusations, however, it would be better to think twice. And on the tire codes ... ".

Further details of the interview that took place in the Ampfing paddock will be unveiled in the next issue of Vroom.

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