60 Minikart: discovering the CIK homologated class

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60 Minikart by CIK, everything you need to know.
60 Minikart: discovering the CIK homologated class.

On June 7 in Manila, the Philippines, the World Motorsport Council finally approved the directive that will lead to a CIK homologation of the 60cc chassis, engines and tires.

Over the past decade Minikart has become a breadwinning staple for the karting market, both for manufacturers and for organizers. The former, in fact, with the sales of Mini-related products derive a good part of their profits, so that in some cases the 60 has become their core business; the organizers, instead, see a set fixed point as regards the number of participants in the 60cc class.

So we will soon have have a CIK Minikart Championship?

Not for now, says CIK Vice-President Kees van de Grint. In an interview published in Vroom n.203, he declared, “I would not be against it, but we must ask ourselves if it is the right thing and this depends on how it is organized. If it were to be done like the current CIK FIA competitions, no, it would not be the right thing. I see many alternatives that would allow international series for the Mini to work well, but they are just thoughts. If the time is ripe, I think I have valid ideas to contribute to its success.”

For the moment, at least at a competitive level, we must wait. So what did the World Council decide on last 7 June? On a single, valid and obligatory homologation for all the ASN under the CIK aegis, thus allowing manufacturers to produce a single concept, reducing costs and maximizing profit. Families and competitions are also benefiting since, with the unified homologation, it will be possible to run in all the participating countries without having to worry about changing material, as happens today, where equipment may not be approved in another country.

Manila was also proof of the movement's unity regarding a sensitive subject like the Mini, so much so that it was decided to derogate from ordinary procedure. How? 

We'll find out in the the July issue of Vroom, available in print and on Pocketmags.

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