Retirement of Mr. Giovanni Corona, historical founder of Vortex Factory

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The management of OTK Kart Group announces that on March 30th, 2018, Mr. Giovanni Corona, historical founder of Vortex Factory, has retired from his position.

Starting from the 3rdof April 2018, engineer Alessandro Sobacchi, vice president of Vortex Factory since January 2017 and Matteo Davoli assume the positions of manager and deputy manager of the factory, respectively.
Mr. Giovanni Corona wishes to greet and thank his customers, fans, suppliers, technical and commercial partners, distributors and all retailers:"I sincerely thank all the people who have been supporting and sustaining Vortex over the years, helping to make the brand winning in the world, sharing my passion and my commitment.To my closest workmates, I wish to continue the path of growth undertaken and, where possible, to always try to improve and be more competitive".
Roberto Robazzi - President of OTK Kart Group: "In my own name and on behalf of all the people working in OTK, I address a wholehearted thanks to Giovanni for the memorable victories obtained in over 20 years of cooperation and hard work."


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