Part 1: Karting and winter, everything you need to know with Lorenzo Travisanutto

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Lorenzo Travisanutto helps us with setting up our karts for the winter season.
Part 1: Karting and winter, everything you need to know with Lorenzo Travisanutto

With the arrival of April, and while Vroom Italia n.344 is at the newsstands and Vroom International n.202 at the printing press, the days are longer and bad weather seems to have finally left room to milder weather for karting.

Intrigued by the adverse conditions at this year's WSK Super Master Series in Adria and the Winter Cup in Lonato, our readers asked us about the secrets of a winter set up. For answers, we asked one of the OK frontrunners, Lorenzo Travisanutto who, on his Kart Republic, has so far achieved a positive first quarter thanks to his driving talent.

How should you behave in winter to get the most out of your vehicle? Let's see what Travisanutto thinks.

Tires. "Meanwhile, let's start by saying that the greatest difficulty is bringing tires to temperature. This is a fundamental point for a good set-up in the sense that, to be good, the setting must allow the driver to quickly warm up his tires. Let's also consider that long straights affect the maintenance of the correct temperature."

"The first thing to do is to go up with tire pressures, the exit temperature can also be increased by a 0.5. For example, exit at 0.90 instead of 0.85. This is precisely because, due to the long straights (for example Lonato, author's note), the tire tends to cool."

Chassis adjustments. "Moving on to the actual set up, during the winter the biggest problem is being able to find the grip on the front so as to be able to raise the inside rear when driving around a bend and turning in an ideal way. In this regard, many tend to load the front, but here it is essential not to exaggerate."

What happens if you exaggerate? We'll find out in the second part of the interview with Lorenzo Travisanutto.

A.Giustini - Photo: Mario Perrucca

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