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CRG guaranteed high level of organization and technical assistance in the meeting that saw 30 teams racing and the victory of the Danish team ATB Bengio for only 2” on the French team DT Racing by Skof.

The 24 Hours Karting of Italy ended with an excellent balance in terms of sport and organization, the prestigious Endurance karting event organized by CRG on the Adria track with CRG Centurion karts on March 24th-25th.
The battle on the track was incredible, thanks to the value of the 30 teams (representing 10 different countries), the over 180 drivers and the quality and reliability of the CRG Karts, handled by the factory’s technical staff.
After 24 hours racing, the Danish team ATB Bengio took the victory with Colin Brown (former Karting World Champion), Ian Andersen, Andrea Tognalli, Alessandro Begnozzi and Ramon Pineiro for only 2” on the French team DT Racing by Skof of Yohann Vaugarni, Helmy Hamrouini, Miko Bouvier and Boris Bouvier.
At only 30” from the winners, the German team Schnitzelalm Racing grabs the 3rd step of the podium with Christoph Gruebel, Timo Kieslich, Enrico Schumann, Dominik Linke e Felix Moeltgen, ahead of the fellow-countrymen team Schusta Racing by Jabertools and the Russian team Pinkman. The 1st Italian team ended in 6th place, PKI – Pordenone Kart Indoor, that lined-up also the international karting driver Lorenzo Travisanutto.
The Star Cauduro team ended in 7th place, led by another karting champion: the CRG official driver Paolo De Conto. The top ten was completed by Scatolificio Simonti in 8th place, ahead of Miout and La Vecchia Guardia. It should be pointed out the presence of 2 teams from Ecuador, that ended in 26th and 27th place, after an excellent start of the race.
The presence of 10 foreigner teams contributed in giving an international dimension to the event, that CRG and the Adria Raceway management already confirmed as a classic of Endurance Karting also for the next years.
From the technical point of view, the CRG Centurion karts guaranteed a great balance to the teams since the qualifying practice, where the Russian team Pinkmam achieved the pole position at only 49 thousandths on PKI and the first 15 teams were all within 8 tenths.
This great balance is the fruit of the excellent work carried out by the CRG technical personnel and it was confirmed during the race with an incredible photo finish arrival. The excellent feedback on the karts, both on performance, fun and driving feelings also for less experienced drivers, are one of the strong points of the work done by CRG in this challenging agonistic sport.
But the positive balance goes beyond the technical factor and it included the high service standard for the teams, who lived an event organized as an international meeting. From this point of view, the professional structures of the Adria Raceway gave a great added value, a modern and futuristic facility for this kind of events, that provided the teams with masonry boxes, race direction with over 20 cameras on the circuit and all the comforts for such a demanding race.
The next meeting for the CRG organization will be In Italy with the Endurance Kart Cup (, whilst at international level the next big event will be the 24 Hours Karting of Barcelona, on June 23rd-24th.
The comments from the protagonists:
Colin Brown (ATB Team Bengio): “It was incredible ending a 24 Hours Karting with such an exciting duel with the French team DT Racing by Skof and crossing the finishing line only 2” ahead. The race was very tight and thrilling, with borderline strategies. The value of the teams and drivers was really high and when I started the last stint I got the adrenaline flowing, so as under the chequered flag. It was wonderful winning a race of this level and I have to congratulate our team manager Martin and all my team mates that made a fantastic race.”
Boris Bouvier (DT Racing by Skof): “It was a wonderful experience, a race beautifully organized by CRG, with high performing karts, reliable, nice to drive on one of the most amazing tracks I’ve ever seen. Our race was also incredible, we were only 4 and we made an excellent job leading the race for many hours. In all the race, we only had a little technical problem during refuelling and it’s incredible losing a race of 24 hours just for 2”. This race enhanced the level of international Endurance races and for sure we will be racing the 24H in Spain.”
Timo Kieslich (Schnitzelalm Racing): “What a race! It was amazing racing with such strong teams coming from all the world. A high level also for what concerns the organization, the CRG karts and the track facilities. Ending on the podium was great and we can’t wait to repeat this experience.”
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March 28th, 2018

Press Release by: CRG - 28/03/18

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