Taking stock with David Vidales: "2018, a not easy start"

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Exclusively for Vroom: David Vidales takes a look at this first part of 2018.
Taking stock with David Vidales: "2018, a not easy start".

Rain and snow, no less, and a few flashes of sunshine: so far, the 2018 karting from Lonato to Adria and Muro Leccese has put the team and vehicles to the test. What does David Vidales think about the season so far?

During this winter prologue, from the WSK competitions in Adria and Muro Leccese and the Winter Cup in Lonato, Vidales was always in the game, but he believes they have yet to fix some detalis. With the European fast approaching, this will be the Spaniard's goal for the two events in Sarno before the beginning of the FIA Karting European Championsip: to find that something - extra.

"The first part of the season was complicated. In the wet there were no problems, but on the dry we lacked a bit of speed. However we're working to the max to get to the European in 100% shape" Vidales said. "All in all, the Racer 401S is a chassis that goes very well with both the cold and the heat. We just have to understand the track situation and perfect some small details”.

Regarding his compatriot Fernando Alonso, he said: ”We ran together in Dubai and also on his circuit. It struck me how much of a perfectionist he is and how much he wants to win. But believe me, I didn't give him any advice: Fernando is one who on a kart goes really fast”.

A. Giustini

Created by: agiustini - 24/03/18

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