Rotax MAX Challenge Euro Trophy: Everything you need to know about the categories involved

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All to know about the categories of 2018 Rotax MAX Challenge Euro Trophy.

Rotax MAX Challenge Euro Trophy: Everything you need to know about the categories involved

After seeing what will be the most important news in sports terms regarding the Rotax MAX Challenge Euro Trophy (click here), let's take a detailed look at the classes involved in the Rotax continental event to start on April 22 in Genk.

There will be four categories in the competition that, as already mentioned, will dispute the 9 Invitation Tickets to the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals of Paraìba in Brazil.

Rotax MAX Junior

It is the entry level of the European single-speed. A maximum of 72 drivers can take part. To race you need to have an International C-Junior license issued by a National Sports Authority recognized by the FIA and be between 12 and 15 years old, the latter limit linked to article 3.4.2 of the CIK-FIA Sporting Regulations: a driver with 15 years can participate in the Junior-Class if he/she is a holder of Int. C-Junior Karting licence according to a special permit by the CIK.

Rotax MAX Senior

This is the "queen" class in the single-speed sector. A maximum of 72 drivers may participate. 14 is the minimum age. The licenses in this case are: the International C with "restriction", moreover limited only to the single-speed classes for drivers between 14 years old (reaching their 14th birthday during the calendar year) and under 15 years of age on the date when the licence is issued, the International C-Senior and higher. Int. C-Restricted Karting license and/or Int. C-Senior karting License or higher

Rotax MAX DD2

It is the first of the two shifter classes in the championship. It is open to drivers aged 15 and up. Restricted to Int. C-Senior Karting License or higher. Maximum number of drivers: 72.

Rotax MAX DD2 Master

It is the gearbox category dedicated to drivers aged 32 and up. A driver has to have his / hers 32th birthday during the calendar year when the license is issued. Maximum number of drivers: 72. Should there be less than 15 registered competitors in Master, it will be merged with the DD2.



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