Griggs impatient to get back on track: "My hand's swollen, but I have no more pain"

- Paddock
Luca Griggs explains reasons keeping him out of the Apulia stage of the Super Master Series.

After his bad accident in Muro Leccese two weeks ago, Luca Griggs is keen to return to racing, his hand recovering without a hitch.

During tests for the third round of the WSK Super Master Series, the Briton was involved in an accident when a competitor, on returning onto the track after a driver error, crashed his kart on Luca's left hand.

The clinical record showed two metacarpal fractures and a completely broken finger, which will keep Griggs out until the “Kart Grand Prix of Italy” in Sarno, valid for the first race of the European FIA ​​Karting Championship for the direct drive classes.

"Recovery is proceeding well," Griggs said to Vroom. "At the moment I have no more pain but only a swollen left hand. I would like to get back on track right away, but I'll have to wait for the European for a complete recovery. It's tough watching races from home, but there's nothing I can do about it."

Andrea Giustini - Photo: Race Frame


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