23rd Winter Cup - Travisanutto, "I am very satisfied with the KR, ready to fight it out in front"

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Lorenzo Travisanutto finishes a Winter Cup, a positive one at South Garda Karting. Seventh place in the final after obtaining excellent results throughout the weekend.

The talented Italian driver's Winter Cup was bittersweet, however, with further progress made by what is now a certainty, that is Kart Republic, launched into what is sure to be a season as protagonists. The Italian driver finished in seventh position, an unlucky final, a placing that does not do justice to the double poles in qualifying and heats, followed by a second position at the end of the superheats. A test, according to the driver, in view of the upcoming engagements that will still see him among the most favored in OK.

Below, Lorenzo Travisanutto tells us about the South Garda weekend with a look to the immediate future.

- Lorenzo, your thoughts on the Winter Cup weekend?
"A weekend in which, and for a long time now fortunately, we have always proved to be very competitive. We have exploited this race as a test, especially in view of the WSK that will take place on the same circuit on March 5th."

- You started really well, then the final - can you tell us what happened?
"Special conditions, a slippery track, with only one possible racing line. Passing could only take place out in the wet and taking more risks entailed enormous risks. More than the 7th place final I couldn't manage due to a few of my mistakes. However, we are very happy with the speed shown in both conditions, leading us to record the best time in all sessions, from qualifying to the final."

- As for material, KR proves to be very competitive, what is your opinion?
"About KR I am extremely satisfied and also a bit proud. The whole team and I worked all last year to give birth to this chassis, with which I personally feel great about in all conditions, having developed it myself, but I am above all extremely happy that all those who try it find it extremely easy, which in the end is the main objective of our vehicle."

- Next race? Will you aim to strike back?
"For the WSK, I am very confident and feel good about it. I currently think we have an advantage over the competition and I feel fit. Unfortunately, certain conditions, like those of the Winter Cup, are a lottery, but I'm sure we'll be playing out in front with the usual rivals."

Simone Corradengo (scorradengo@vroom.it)
Credits: Mario Perrucca - Actualfoto
Trd: Luigi Monteferrante

Created by: scorradengo - 26/02/18

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