WSK Super Master Series - “The first time” of Hannes Janker

- Interview
Hannes Janker won the first race of the WSK Super Master Series trophy in Adria.

The “all black” driver of TB Motorsport, German spearhead for Dino Chiesa’s Kart Republic, beat Lorenzo Travisanutto in a race with a first part full of drama.
After remaining out of the top 10 in the wet Qualifying Practices, Janker made a great comeback during the Heats, in which he ended up in 2nd position behind David Vidales, and in the Prefinal B, took 1st position.

How do you feel after your victory?

I’m really happy. Finally after many races close to the podium I got my first podium and victory in WSK. Already at the first race in 2018 is super. 
Last weekend was characterized by tricky conditions, how did you work on the setup?

Honestly we didn’t change the setup a lot. Especially in dry conditions, it was quite easy to find a good setup. For the rain, first of all I needed to find the right setup for myself, that I am good in the rain and we did it quite well. 

What are the goals for the next races? 
For the next races we will see, we still have space to improve, we can do better, but I think the others will as well.

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