Group Tours to the 26th IKA-KART2000

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Group Tours to the world leading Kart Expo become more and more popular.

The organizers of the 26th IKA-KART2000, at 27th and 28th in the Expo Halls Offenbach am Main, near Frankfurt-Main, have reacted and additional counter of Club Tours will be opened.
Hence, also the biggest groups can enter the world of Karting very fast. The bus parking on the river Main, will also enhanced, so it will be much easy for bigger buses. The Club Tours special is often used by Karting clubs and indoor fan clubs  In the last years the buses come from all over Germany and European neighbors
Club Tours obtain a 2.00 Euro discount on their fair tickets! The organizers of the 26th IKA-KART2000 request a reservation by email, but not registered groups can fast enter the Karting Paradise in Offenbach.


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