James Geidel and Kay Oberheide special guests at Offenbach

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James Geidel and Kay Oberheide will be at Offenbach for a speech.

James Geidel, RGMMC President, and Kay Oberheide, CIK-FIA Executive Secretary, accepted our invitation to have a speech at Offenbach during the International Kart Exhibition. The presentation "What’s new in CIK-FIA competitions promotion” is scheduled on Saturday 27th from 11 AM in room T2.

James himself has given us some anticipations about his thoughts:

“We have to reveal the entertainment side of this extreme sport in order to make it more interesting for TV Broadcasters. The aim being to have more time on TV and media platforms over the next three years, which in turn can produce new revenue streams for everyone involved in the sport and attract possible sponsors to drivers”.

“A World championship with just one event can produce unexpected outcomes, however, drivers still have to be in the lead and win. Next year too, the World champion will be decided after one event; but this might change in the future…”

If your interested to attend the speech and touch the latest karting innovations, buy here the ticket and join us in Offenbach.
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Andrea Giustini


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