17a Copa de Campeones, Vendrell - December 10th 2017

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The 17th edition of the Copa de Campeones passed the exam with full marks after last year polemics.

At Karting Vendrell Alex Irlando (KZ2), Daniel Macià (Senior), Mari Boya (Junior), Alejandro Meléndez (Cadete) and Aaron García (Alevín) concluded their season with a win.
With the same Sodikart chassis that gave him the International KZ2 Super Cup title win, Irlando takes home another trophy getting the better of Jorge Pescador (Praga), who fully recovered from the bad injury occured in April, and his teammate Anthony Abbasse (Sodikart).
In the Senior Daniel Macià (Praga) wins over Brit Sam White (Tony Kart) and Carlos Dembilio (CRG). Among Junior drivers Mari Boya (FA) crosses the line first ahead of Ayrton Fontecha (CRG) e Tommy Pintos (FA).
Fully Spanish podium in the Cadete with Melendez (CRG) on top spot followed by Sergi Ruiz and Nacho Tuñon. Garcia dominates in the Alevin while Lucas Fluxa (Praga) an Marc Benitez (Tony Kart) round out the top 3.
Full standings: KZ2SeniorJuniorCadeteAlevín.


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