Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Final - DD2 Final

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Cody Gillis gives Australia the second title of the day in DD2.

Mads Thomsen grabs the holeshot, but poleman Cody Gillis immediately re-takes the lead of the race with Xen De Ruwe in third. Gillis starts opening a gap that increases lap after las as De Ruwe and Thomsen start fighting against Christian Sorensen.

On lap 14 Gillis simply cruises in first position when Sorensen overtakes De Ruwe on the outside line and they have a contact. A huge fight for the last two podium places flares up with Thomsen who gets the better of the contact between Sorensen and De Ruwe. 

Under the chequered flag Gillis takes home the second title for Aussies with Thomsen and Sorensen behind him. 


Alessandro Roca


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