Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Final - Senior MAX Final

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Brett Ward defends his leadership from Belgian Felix Warge and takes home the win.

Poleman Jordan Brown-Nutley holds the lead of the race while the driver alongside him on row first, Felix Warge, slips into fourth and re-takes the second position in just a couple of corners, with Brett Ward in third. 

The leading drivers swap positions turn after turn and on lap 6 Brown-Nutley is still leading the group with all drivers breathing on his neck. Two laps later Belgian Warge takes the head of the race with Ward and Brown-Nutley behind him. Frenchman Jean Nomblot recovers and overtakes Brown-Nutley joining the leading duo. 

On lap 15 the first three drivers have 8 tenths of second on the driver in fourth, so the win seems to be a private question between them. Nomblot takes the second position, but on lap 18 Felix Warge makes an incredible move on the outside line and re-takes the runner up position, slowing down the Frenchman. Ward pulls away but in less than one lap Warge and Nomblot are behind him once again, but the leader defends his position perfectly and takes home the win. 


Alessandro Roca


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