Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Final - Junior MAX Final

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A breathtaking Junior MAX final gives the title to Dutch Tijmen Van der Helm.

Tommy Foster is the leader after the start, leading on Dutch duo composed by Senna Val Walstijn and Tijmen Van der Helm. Aussie Jac Preston loses some position slipping into 10th. 

The leading trio is really close and they start battling and swapping position each other, but in the meantime the two Aussie drivers Jac Preston and Jaiden Pope find their way to the top and join the leaders. 

A close battle begins, but on lap 12 the first accident happens: Jac Preston is faster than Brit Tommy Foster and tries to overtake him, but Foster closes the door and they crash. In the meantime Pope duels against Dutch drivers and they allow Tyler Gonzalez to close the gap. A huge group of drivers fight for the lead but on lap 15 Pope and Gonzalez crash and they slow the rest of the field. Only the Japanese Tosei Moriyama takes advantage of this crash and is able to grab the runner up position. 

Van der Helm takes home the world title after the European title already won. Second position for Moriyama ahead of Van Walstijn. Beacuse of penalties to Moriyama and Van Walstijn, Frenchman Sami Meguetonif steps on the second step of the podium and Luca Leistra rounds out the top three. 


Alessandro Roca


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