Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Final - Mini MAX Final

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Second race, second win for the French team: Marcus Amand takes the lead of the race after the start and holds it untile the chequered flag.

After the green light poleman Jamie Day slips in fourth place while Frenchman Marcus Amand grabs the holeshot followed by Leyton Daniel Fourie and Theo Kekati. 

The leader pulls away and opens a little gap over his rivals and in five laps he has over than 7 tenths of second of advantage over Fourie and Kekati. In the meanwhile Jamie Day recovers from the back and sticks to his fellow countryman Kekati. 

On lap eight Day overtakes Kekati and two laps later he takes the second position and starts chasing the leader. Amand doesn't give up and pushes hard to keep a minimum gap over the Arabian driver who has to watch his beack from James Wharton who recovered up to third. 

Amand holds the leadership of the race and takes home the second win out of two races for the French team!


Alessandro Roca


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