Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Final - Micro MAX Final

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Keanu Al Azhari crosses the line in first, but slips to 14th because of a penalty. Frenchman Luis Iglesias wins the race.

After the green light Keanu Al Azhari grabs the holeshot while the poleman Adrian Malheiro loses positions and has a contact with Japanese Ryota Horachi in the early phases of the race. The local boy loses the opportunity to win the race on his homesoil, but the driver from UAE loses his opportunity too because of jump start: 10" penalty for him and the race is over. 

Anyway the leader keeps the head of the race, but he has to watch his back from Leon Zelenko, Maksymilian Obst and Luis Iglesias. The latter overtakes his rivals and grabs the runner up position and closes the gap with the leader of the race. On lap six Iglesias steals the head of the race from Al Azhari's hands, who doesn't give up and re-takes the lead. 

The leading trio starts battling and it helps Zelenko and Horachi to recover and overtake Obst, pushing him out of podium places. On the finishing line Al Azhari is first followed by Iglesias, Zelenko and Horachi, but because of the penalty, the leader slips in 14th and the world title goes to the Frenchman. 


Alessandro Roca


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