Jac Preston, the young Aussie rising star dreams the KZ in Europe

- Interview
Jac Preston, Australian Junior MAX champion is dreaming the KZ in Europe.

"Being at the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals and representing my home country is very emotional. The crowd under the tend creates an unique atmosphere and it makes this event really special. For the moment it's going pretty well, but the it's too early to draw a line, we've to wait tomorrow to have an overall balance."

"I will step up to DD2 as soon as possible to make some experience with a powerful kart before stepping to KZ2, hopefully in Europe. In Australia we have a good enviroment and a good level of karting, but Europe and CIK-FIA competitions are a step beyond, especially if you want to be a pro driver. I need a direct confrontation with European drivers to learn and grow up. I'll have to get used to European tracks and softer tyres: in Australia KZ uses yellow MG tyres which are harder than Bridgestone or Vega, so it changes your driving style and you've to get used to them. Anyway for the moment I'm focused on this Grand Finals, and I'm looking forward to be a KZ driver in Europe!"


Stay tuned!
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