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Traditionally, the highly awaited Rok Cup International Final conclusion is preceded by finals reserved for those who did not enter the first thirty-four positions. Mini Rok, Junior Rok and Senior Rok finals have the title of the partners: Bridgestone, OMP, as well as the manufacturer and organizer of the whole event, Vortex.


The first two rounds see a direct and tight fight between Ressico and Cepil, both at the lead of the Vortex Trophy. On third lap, Bertuca is first and tries to escape but is soon rejoined by Ressico. The winning overtaking is performed by the Italian Bertuca on the fifth lap, although the leader cannot remain calm until the end, as Ressico, Sztuka and the Israeli Elkim remain threatening behind his shoulders.

Elkim finally performs a great overtaking, taking the place of honor, leaving behind Ressico (then penalized for his front bumper out of seat). The podium is thus completed by Sztuka, able to manage the final attacks of Gold, Cepil and Contecha.The best lap of the race is signed by Indonesian Noor (55".098), tenth at the finish line and author of a great comeback, considering the fact he jumped from the 14th row at the starting grid. As proof that the Vortex Trophy level was high, there is Noor's best lap, better than that of the "only" finalist Protasiewicz (55"118).


The race starts with the box number two empty, due to Cuman’s absence. The empty space does not distract the Frenchman Peugeot, who takes the lead of the race leaving a few meters back the rivals, led by Greco.

The chasers immediately come and wake up. From the second lap on the head of the race is taken, alternately, by Palmirski first and Peugeot then; in the middle of the race again Palmirski returns to the lead, overtaken in one lap by Greco. In the last four laps, Peugeot finds the cue to jump to the lead and keep the position up to the finish line, with good pace of his fierce rivals.

The podium, at the end of an uncertain fight, is conquered by Greco and Palmirski who manage to keep behind Coluccio, author of a great comeback from the bottom of the lineup.


The Danish Gajczyk starts from the number one box and holds the lead for the whole OMP final, progressively increasing his gap, lap after lap.
In the second place, boredom does not exist thanks to the German Prokscha, the Canadian Di Leo and the US Cagialosi. These three Rokkers exchange the podium positions throughout the race and only two laps from the end the situation is defined with the three above mentioned in peace.

Andorra driver, Machado and Italian Bertonelli plunge into the group made up of Prokscha, Di Leo and Cagialosi and mercilessly take, respectively, the second and third position, behind Gajczyk.


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