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First day marked by the free practice at the South Garda track of Lonato

In addition to the track activities, in view of the 15th Rok Cup International Final, all the sporting checks that saw 415 verified drivers took place.
Tomorrow (Thursday, October 11th) starting from 11.58 the qualifying heats will begin, with the Senior Rok first in the list. At the end of the qualifying, the 415 Rokkers will start the long heat sequence that will take them to the finals on Saturday.
Here is the video report of the day


On track we will see, among the many champions, a good number of drivers who have already in their gold album a Rok Final title.
In Junior Rok there are the Mini Rok Champion 2017, Federico Cecchi, Alessandro Di Cori (Junior 2015), Leonardo Marseglia (Mini 2015), Szymon Szyszko (Rok 2015), Alessio Costantini (Rok 2011), Danny Carenini (Junior 2015), Nicola Marcon (Shifter 2016) and Jacopo Guidetti (Junior 2014), Riccardo Cinti (Super 2016-14-13), Cristopher Zani (Shifter 2012), Danilo Albanese (Rok 2014 - Super 2015), Nicola Marcon (Shifter 2016) and Jacopo Guidetti (Junior 2014)


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