EasyKart International Finals, 7 Laghi Kart - October 8th 2017

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Daniele d’Urso (60 Easy), Etienne Linty (100 Easy), Daniele Vezzelli (125 Master), Andrea Frassineti (60 Mini), Edoardo Maccari (Direct Drive) e William Lanzeni (Shifter KGP) are the 2017 EasyKart Champions.

60 Easy
After the National Trophy, Daniele D’Urso wins also the International series after a drag race against Jiri Skopalik, in second place. Third place for Lorenzo Patrese, son of the former F.1 driver.
100 Easy
Etienne Linty wins a hard fought final race with only 235 tousandth of second on runner up Marco Gugole. Mattia Moretti rounds out the podium.
125 Master
Daniele Vezzelli backs on top spot ahead of National Trophy winner Riccardo Pollastri and the vice-National Trophy champion Leonardo Sperati.
60 Mini
Andrea Frassineti sweeps the National Trophy and the International event. Second position for Mattia Alessandrini ahead of Lorenzo Ciarrocchi.
Direct Drive KGP 
The National Trophy winner Edoardo Maccari grabs another title this year by winning over Alessandro Salvarani by 230 thousandths of second. Ivan Baiguini round out the podium with a gap slightly higher than half second.
Shifter KGP
William Lanzeni doubles the win in the National Trophy in the International final ahead Lukas Podobsky and Petr Klobas.


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