An engineer is forever...

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This is the story of a relationship between a driver and an engineer which turned to friendship.

The Swedish Rasmus Lindh has a new helmet for the CIK-FIA World Championship, but that's nothing special. The special thing is its new design...

Daniele Leone is one engineer from UniRacer, a group of engineers who support teams and drivers all around the world. Daniele is in force with BirelART and Ricciardo Kart and he helped and supported Rasmus when he was with the blue and white squad. 

Since the last race of the CIK-FIA European Championship Rasmus moved under the Fusion Motorsport's team leaving Daniele, but when it came time to design his new helmet, he wanted to paint a photo which portrays a hug between he and his engineer after a pole position. 

A slice of humanity in a world dominated by mechanical pieces of art which underlines the beautiful relationship that gets created on track between drivers and engineers...


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