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On Saturday we had a long chat with James Geidel, RGMMC promoter. Here are the new techcnological novelties that tey're going to introduce the next year.

What is the future of karting? James Geidel has no doubts. The full interview will be published on the next issue of Vroom Magazine, in the meantime give a read to this two products that will be introducted onto the market for the following season. 

Anti-Hit-Device (AHD)

AHD has been developed in collaboration with the Spanish electronic experts from Pixelcom. The system is supposed to assist or replace the controversial front fairing mounting provided by the CIK-FIA. Currently pushing actions of a driver are detected on the basis of a loose or detached front bumper after the race, automatically followed by a time penalty. 

"There is a sensor mounted on the support of the fairing and another one in the pink rubber layer: when a driver hits another one the red light turns on and we receive a notification of a contact. Then we’ll analyze the video and decide if it’s an accidental contact or not. In case of several contacts one after the other, the system will reveal only one contact within three seconds of time. One contact it’s enough to catch our attention!" says James Geidel.

MOM (Management of Motorsport)

MOM is specifically designed and engineered to provide race organisers with a tailored management system to assist them in every aspect of the motorsports organisation business. With integrated registration forms, backend maintenance, on track scanning, management and point of sales apps, the MOM system will ensure flawless results on smoothly organised events.

Press Release by: RGMMC - 18/09/17

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