CRG changes his look at the 2017 World KZ Championship

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The reigning world champion team presents in Wackersdorf the new 2018 livery and a new dual trailer.

The team from Desenzano celebrates the CIK-FIA World KZ Championship in Wackersdorf unveiling the 2018 livery. Paolo De Conto and his teammates now have a matt livery and a matt black chassis with their names on it. Yes, it’s true: both registred chassis for each CRG driver have the name of the drivers carved on the front-left side of the chassis, near the wheel.
The new livery designed by Lucky Design looks more simple and less chromate “but it’s only an effects” says Luca Dalia, Lucky Design’s owner. “We tried a rennovation like this five years ago, but there wasn’t a technology that allowed us to create this effect. As you may see, the kart is still cromate, but it’s no longer mirrored because the livery is matt”.
Who created this livery? Is it a Luca’s idea or it was decided by Giancarlo Tinini? “Me and Giancarlo talk a lot about new ideas and new project. We came up with the idea of a matt livery and then we simple made it!”
On top of that, the CRG squad arrived in Wackersdorf with a new dual level race trailer with 2018 livery on it. It has two floors and tends on both sides. This truck will follow the team in PFI and in Le Mans for the CIK-FIA Endurance Championship. 


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