Road 2 Wackersdorf – Alex irlando

- Interview
The 17 year-old Italian driver wants to conclude the season with the big score in Wackersdorf, but he has to pay attention to local drivers.

First season as factory driver in a big team, how do you judge this year in black-orange colours?

"I learnt a lot from my experienced teammates Bas and Anthony and I also had a lot of fun: they are a second family, they're more than just a racing team! Lady Luck gave us her back during the European championship, but third in the championship is not that bad at all. Anyway I'm really happy to be in this team!"

Köhler and Viganò stepped up in KZ, is this an advantage for you?

"An 'advantage' is not the right word: they're two fast drivers so without them maybe it will be a little bit easier, but it's not an advantge. They chose to move up to KZ, it's up to them. I preferred to finish my season in KZ2 and in Wackersdorf I've to pay attention to all the local drivers who know very well the track and its secrets. We are 118 drivers, it won't be easy!"

Plans for the future?

"I'm 100% focused on this event, then we'll see."


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