From Naples to Cape Nord by a Rotax MAX Evo!

- Special
Vroom together with Officine in Progress, Kart-Shop Italia and DR Racing have carried out an amazing test: 50 hours on the track with a karting engine without ever touching it. The protagonist of this test, first of its kind, is a a Rotax FR 125 MAX Evo that uses the Rotax single-brand event.

Over 4 laps of watch, twice the time for the great Le Mans: this was our aim when we started our test where we hoped to do 50 hours on the same engine, without ever opening it, not even just to check. The protagonist for this nerve wrecking test – both mechanical and human – was the Rotax FR 125 MAX Evo, the one that powers the class that goes by the same name promoted by the Austrian firm.

An exclusive test, which is also very hard and probative, so, it has made us carry out this job at Arce in an arc of three seasons. The latter is something that has moreover allowed us to get interesting results also concerning atmospheric and environmental conditions. And this is thanks to Officine in Progress who accurately monitored all the test.  

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