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The French driver was forced to finish his European championship in Oviedo, where he had a bad crash that dislocated his right shoulder. However in Wackersdorf we will fight for the world crown.

Anthony, a very unlucky season! Tell us something more about your accident: what happened exactly? How long the rehabilitation process has been?

"I'm OK not at 100% but I'm well and ready to race. My season started well with a victory in rain conditions at Adria and then I took some good results finishing in P3 the WSK championship. After that some problems arrived, but this is motorsport and in the end I had the big crash in Oviedo. In the final I had a good speed and good feeling and on my way to come back at the front, Patrik Hajek made a little mistake on the big curb and he felt attacked, after that I came back on him and when I tried to pass him, he defended his place at the same time and I overturned. Anyway I saw him after the crash at the hospita and I'd like to thanks him for that. It's racing. In a normal case this kind of injury need 5-6 months of rehabilitation, but in my case I needed just 2 months after chirurgical operation I was on my seat. I thank to all of medical team and French federation FFSA."

Despite injuried drivers, in your opinion why there were so few drivers in KZ?

"The KZ is the top level class. Sometime we give more than 100% of our possibilities and that's why sometimes drivers get injuried. As I said, it's the highest category in karting so there are only factory drivers and top drivers of private teams. That's why we're just a few drivers. It's like Moto GP! Anyway I'm happy to see more than 40 drivers in the KZ in Wackersdorf!"

What’s your solution to overcome this problem?

"They've to reduce the cost of races, firstly by reducing the days of meetings."

What do you expect from this world championship?

"Firstly I'm very happy to be back and to have the possibility to race the world KZ championship I will give my best and we will see!"

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