Road 2 Wackersdorf – Maximilian Paul

- Interview
DR Racing Kart’s stadard bearer heads the Italian team on his home soil. After the fifth place in Kristianstad he is ready to attack the jackpot.

How do you judge your European championship?
We  didn’t start so well the European championship, but we improved a lot races and we finished in Kristianstad with a 5th place in the final.
On what do you have to improve from a technical point of view?
We started a new project with Modena Engines and we improved a lot all over the season, so we will see in the World championship. We still need to improve a little more.
What does mean for you racing the International Super Cup in your homecountry? Is the support of the fan so important?
It's great to have the International Super Cup in my home country, it means a lot to me: there will arrive some fans and friends who will support me. Moreover Wackersdorf was one of my first tracks where I started racing.
Between 118 competitors, in your opinion who are the favourite drivers? Can German outsiders hit the jackpot?
I think Alessandro Irlando or Francesco Celenta will be really fast, but it's also possible some German outsiders stay on the front.
Will you remain in karting or are you wondering to move up to formulas?
We will see after World Championship.


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