How to drive at Kristianstad with Alex Irlando

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The Swedish circuit is one of the most famous circuit in Europe, let’s find out all its secrets with Sodikart’s Alex Irlando.

Turn 1
This is a fast right turn. Drop a gear into fifth gear, pass near the kerb on the inside line and stay on the left side of the track after the turn to prepare the next chicane.

Turns 2-3
Drop a gear info fourth to approach this fast right-left chicane and jump on both kerbs and then push on the gas pedal going on the kerb to finish the chicane as straight and as fast as possible.

Turns 4-5
A double right turn that has to be approached in third gear to exit on the kerb into fourth gear. Insert the fifth gear immediately before the jump and move to the right side of the track to prepare the next braking point.
Turn 6
 Left hairpin and very important overtaking point. Hard on brake, drop to third gear and then a swift blow with your steering wheel and then flat out down to the next hairpin.

Turn 7
A right hand hairpin, a very hard braking point where drivers drop two gears from fifth to third.  After the turn move to the right up to fourth gear before the next complex.

Turn 8-9
From fourth to second gear for this left hand corner. Stay close to the inside kerb and move up to third gear to approach the next right hand turn.

Turn 10-11-12
Out of turn 9 in fourth gear there is a sequence of one right hand turn and a double left hand turn that have to be rounded in fourth gear.

Turn 13
Drop a gear to third for the last right hand hairpin and then full gas on the main straight. 

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